A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words –
Video has Thousands of Pictures

1. Capture

First report of an issue can include infinitely more data than ever before with vMobile Collaborator.


A vMobile session is initiated.

2. Collaborate

All necessary personnel can simultaneously see, read, and talk about an issue remotely, increasing efficiency and reducing costs of collaboration dramatically.

Others are invited into the session to talk, share video, pictures, text, and documents

3. Catalog

All video, audio, pictures, messages, and documents are stored in the cloud with metadata that includes date, time, GPS location, user info and unlimited customized tags.

All content is stored in the cloud

4. Secure

All data and metadata is secure for future use, reference, training, etc.




vMobile Adds Value in Many Ways



vMobile Collaboration - Accountability


Onsite personel capture images and/or video when they arrive onsite and when the job is done. All digital content is tagged, stored in the Cloud and instantly available throughout your ecosystem.

vMobile Collaboration Inspections


Enhance every inspection by using vMobile to capture images, video and audio. Content is labeled and associated with the inspection. All media can be independently shared with inside or outside resources.


vMobile Live Collaboration


Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) cannot be everywhere at once. Comprehension of the problem and availability are critical to improving first time resolution and time to resolution metrics. vMobile revolutionizes this process.



Live Video, Audio, Images and Documents
Instantly stream live video and speak over conferenced audio, view images, captured video, and documents with multiple participants.


Multiple Devices

vMobile can be installed and used on multiple mobile devices. Access vMobile’s web platform with any laptop or desktop computer.



Cellular or WiFi
vMobile’s platform makes it possible to use vMobile over any mobile network. When the cellular network is not preferred or available, seamlessly transition to WiFi



Share your content

Share images, video, documents, and notes instantly with colleagues locally or around the world.


Quickly find content

Automatically captured Date/Time, User, and location Tags, as well as any number of self-defined Tags make finding your content quick and easy.


Enterprise Security

Verify users via their enterprise credentials. All digital media and data captured with vMobile is instantly stored to the cloud. Nothing is stored on the mobile device. Enhanced compliance requirements available for data at rest.



GPS Location

Leverage the unique capabilities of location awareness verifying the location where content has been captured.


Administrative Management

Assign a vMobile Administrator who will work from an Administrative portal to manage user privileges and data access through a central console.



Users invite vMobile session participants by SMS text message and by email. Recipients tap on a link in the message to launch vMobile and begin collaborating.