Visual Mobile Technologies | Industries



There are potentially an infinite number of industry solutions for vMobile. Here are ideas of how a few of our customers are using vMobile.

Property/Facility Management
Manage properties more effectively. Visual Verification of conditions, situations and work done. Vendors support invoices with categorized images/video. Visual audit trail of all processes. Improve predictive & preventative Maintenance.
Solution Brief

Field Service
Subject Matter Experts support field technicians with an ability to see and hear the problem. Using both live or recorded video and images improve critical first call and time to resolution metrics. Reduce training time. Improve quality control and mitigate liability. Archived content is searchable from the mobile device and becomes a first line of support for field technicians.
Solution Brief

Manufacturers can mine vMobile data captured and archived by internal and independent service techs and customers to identify trending support issues.
Solution Brief

Document management is enhanced by the flexibility of associating images and video captured from mobile devices. Outside vendors/partners can contribute digital media as independent vMobile users. Improve daily logs, create and maintain a secure visual audit trail. Liability is reduced with visual verification of work. Reduce the number of times remote experts need to travel to a site.

Airlines require enormous quantities of very expensive equipment, often requiring maintenance or repairs in remote locations or a quick turn-around locally. Maintenance Operations, Inflight crews, MRO and Facilities Management teams use vMobile to extend their visibility into the field, more rapidly resolving issues and improving customer satisfaction.
Solution Brief

Decrease fraud by having a visual record and report of insurable issues. All vMobile captured video, audio, images and documents are stored in the Cloud and unmodifiable. Scan bar codes. Vin numbers become searchable digital records. vMobile integrates with any web-based issue reporting software platform



Public Safety
Fire departments: inspection images become permanent visual records. Live video of front-line conditions improve dispatch’s understanding of on-site conditions. Paramedics share images and video with trauma centers.

Engineering firms manage projects large and small, locally and around the globe. Provide virtual visual presence to outside experts and consultants necessary to maintaining equipment uptime saving travel time and costly delays.


Oil and Gas
The nature of Oil and Gas has teams working remotely in extreme environments with high cap-ex equipment. Use vMobile to consult with experts around the globe. Capture images & video to evidence on-site conditions and mitigate liability.